MoldSouth Florida is no stranger to mold. Unfortunately, the tropical weather we all love so much makes us more susceptible to mold since mold lives and thrives in hot and humid areas. Since mold grows so quickly here, it’s important to give your public adjuster a call at the first sign of any mold. If you’ve suffered any kind of property damages and suspect mold, it’s important to get your property checked, since mold isn’t always visible. In fact, mold is known for growing in some of the most unsuspecting locations on a property, making itself visible only when the problem has gotten severe.

Your Home Insurance Miami Gardens FL will be able to review your insurance policy and make you aware of any limitations regarding mold coverage. Your public adjuster will also be able to put you in fast and direct contact with mold clean up and repair specialists along with air quality testing companies and any other services you may need to mitigate the problem. This nasty fungus can have severe and damaging effects on your personal health and property, so it’s important to work with trusted companies and individuals in a quick manner.

Your public adjuster will investigate to determine whether your mold has been caused by water damage. In Miami-Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach County, water damage is usually the cause for mold. Insurance policies handle water damage differently, and do not set the same limitations on these types of damages as they do on mold. Your public adjuster is knowledgeable about these types of claims and will be able to explain your insurance limitations and make the connections necessary in order to successfully process your claim.

If you’ve fallen victim to mold damage, you’ll have to find out what type of mold you’re dealing with. Your public adjuster will put you in touch with a mold remediation company that can perform a mold test to determine these factors. Once they have determined the type and size of the mold, they will be able to kill, clean, and treat the property so that the mold does not return.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to remember to keep in mind when faced with water damage:

  • Do call Public Adjusters Miami Gardens  Fl (We’ll put you in touch with the professionals you need to get the problem mitigated quickly, including clean-up and mold specialists, movers, plumbers, air quality testing companies, etc.).
  • Don’t assume your water damages aren’t big enough to warrant a claim.
  • Do remove excess water.
  • Don’t use a standard dry vacuum to remove water.
  • Do make a list of all your damaged property. Try to find values for these items.
  • Don’t throw out or repair anything until we inspect and photograph the damages.

No water damage should ever be ignored. If you need help regarding a water damages claim, the public adjusters at Public Adjusters Miami Gardens Fl are ready to help review your insurance coverage along with the damages to your property. Please contact us today for professional services.