roof-leakIf you’ve got a roof leak or you’ve been faced with any other type of roof damage, including hail damage, damaged shingles, a collapsed ceiling, mold damage, or damage to your personal property, then you need to contact Public Adjusters Miami Gardens Fl. Whether on a residential or commercial property, roof leaks or roof damages are among the most concerning types of property damages that can be incurred. Roof damages can be caused by a variety of factors, such as natural occurrences (hail, wind, storms, etc.), water damage, and vandalism.

Roof damages should never be handled in a one-size-fits-all fashion. Every roof is affected differently, depending on the source of the damage, the style of the roof, the roof’s construction materials, and more. Property owners across South Florida have vastly different roofs. While some property owners in Miami have Spanish style roofs, others in Plantation and Sunrise may have shingle roofs. Similarly, the roof styles in West Palm Beach are not always the same as the ones found in Miami Beach. These roofs can be constructed from shingles, wood, tiles, and other materials, which all have different properties and are more or less susceptible to certain types of damages.

Because there are so many types of roofs and so many ways in which roof damages can be incurred, no two roof damage claims are ever the same. Aside from the differences in the roof itself, each property has its own distinct environment which has to be analyzed and evaluated by a trained professional, such as a public adjuster. A public adjuster knows what to look for and what is important, so your insurance claim can be filed correctly.

Part of ensuring that your roof claim is handled in a smart manner involves knowledge of building and zoning regulations related to roofing construction in your county. Miami-Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach Counties are all susceptible to roof damages and each has their own codes and regulations that must be followed. When roof damage has been incurred, knowing the construction process of your roof is important and something that your public adjuster will be able to help you understand.

During Florida’s hurricane and rainy weather seasons, your roof is susceptible to severe property damages as a result of the water and flying objects that can fall onto your property. Trees are commonly uprooted and can cause damage to your roof and property. “Named” hurricane damages are handled differently from standard weather damages. A standard insurance policy will often cover wind/hail/rain damage outside of a “named” hurricane. To determine what kind of damages you have incurred and how you should handle the claim, your best bet is to work with a public adjuster.